Tamper Evident Seals

At Decorative Sleeves, we incorporate ‘Tamper Evidence’ into Sleeve Labels, to prevent products from being tampered with – as value added labelling solutions. These sleeves may also incorporate perforated tear strips that are convenient to tear off, but impossible to restore. These seals are our contribution towards defense of your products against “grazers” and adulterators; just you can enjoy invaluable customer confidence.

In keeping with our corporate image of providing services with-Value Beyond Packaging, we offer our customers, customized Pre-forms individually for each product; literally engineering its shape and design – to best suit the purpose these are expected to serve. Pre-form seals can be printed in up to 10 colours; to provide added attraction, product identification, brand identity and of course, the safety they offer.


  • Prevents duplication, contamination and grazing
  • Cost effective
  • Durable, with 360-degree print view
  • Added space for promotional messages.