Shrink Sleeve Labels

Marketing has always been a challenge for those engaged in trying to sell (anything)! Today the market demands competitive Zen – to be able to encompass a large customer base that is perpetually on the increase. More the merrier may be true, but it does takes something special; to be different just so products can stand out on their own; competition notwithstanding. To stand out and be noticed in the crowded shelves of busy shops and supermarkets, your products need that special ‘shelf appeal’. Our bright multi-colored shrink sleeves give you just that; generating the desired visual impact needed to boast your sales.

Shrink sleeve labels are the most widely used tools for brand identification. At Decorative Sleeves, we provide unmatched quality with designs that provide maximum brand impact. These sleeves can be custom printed in various colours and a wide range of substrates which best suit the product.

As per the client’s requirement it can be printed with the following features: :

  • Matt/Gloss finish
  • Scratch/Scuff Protection
  • UV Barrier Protection
  • Gravure Print
  • Automatic or Manual Application, and more.

You can choose to have your labels decorated to virtually any design in up to 10 colours, to fit a wide variety of shapes and the scope to incorporate special effects, photographs, special colours and halftones; limited only by the extent of your imaginations. The shrink sleeves perfectly fit on contoured/ unusually shaped containers and can also be applied to frozen, pasteurized or temperature sensitive products.


  • Maximum brand identity
  • Adaptable for all types of packs- Metal, glass, aluminum or plastic
  • Multiple variants, low inventory
  • Shorter runs & lead times

Promotional Sleeves

Whether you’re looking for an economic, or prompt way towards the promotion of your next product launch, then your search ends here. These days, the use of promotional sleeves has become a virtual “marketing must”. These sleeves will be perfectly suited to meet your sales strategies so long as your interests encompass areas such as personal care products, pharmaceuticals or food and beverages.

Our promotional sleeves are designed to be attractive and adaptable to accommodate multiple packaging combinations such as limited edition and/ or combination packs. The sleeves will help appeal to consumers and increase sales by adding sample products or with a “buy one, get one free” promotion. The application of these sleeves can optimize your sales opportunities through such innovative use of features such as- transparent packaging, combination packages, custom print on-pack promotions, etc.

Promotional sleeves too can be printed in up to 10 colours as per the client’s requirement.


  • Secured retention of products
  • 360-degree panoramic promotional messages
  • Easy separation of multi packs
  • Printability both within and without

Tamper Evident Seals

At Decorative Sleeves, we incorporate ‘Tamper Evidence’ into Sleeve Labels, to prevent products from being tampered with – as value added labelling solutions. These sleeves may also incorporate perforated tear strips that are convenient to tear off, but impossible to restore. These seals are our contribution towards defense of your products against “grazers” and adulterators; just you can enjoy invaluable customer confidence.

In keeping with our corporate image of providing services with-Value Beyond Packaging, we offer our customers, customized Pre-forms individually for each product; literally engineering its shape and design – to best suit the purpose these are expected to serve. Pre-form seals can be printed in up to 10 colours; to provide added attraction, product identification, brand identity and of course, the safety they offer.


  • Prevents duplication, contamination and grazing
  • Cost effective
  • Durable, with 360-degree print view
  • Added space for promotional messages.


Keeping ourselves up to speed with market trends we have introduced Heat transfer foils, a novel product that offers
everything that Shrink Sleeve Labels and Wrap Around Labels do, and more:
The Heat Transfer labels when applied, form an integral part of the product. These unlike regular labels, are Tear Resistant,
Water Proof and can withstand varying temperatures; these are non peeling and being UV resistant – are non fading while
offering superior visibility over an entire circumference of the product.
Heat transfer labels are cost effective and can be considered for application across an array of items that among many
primarily include:

  • Paint and Oil pails/ containers
  • Household goods
  • Beauty Products
  • Stationery